AF Academy's primary mission
is to share knowledge

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AFA is an entity of Aqua Foundation, registered under Societies act in year 1998. AFA provides training & knowledge sharing platform to decision & policy makers, working professionals, operating level personnel and aspiring students willing to specialize in technical sector. The broad objectives of AFA are:

  • To organize specialized workshops for senior level officers of government departments (policy and decision makers) on latest technology developments, enabling them to be benefited by latest international research and development.
  • To organize specialized workshops for scientists, engineers and technical personnel on specialized software, research, methodologies emerging in various fields.
  • To organize specialized workshops on latest technologies.
  • To organize workshops and training programs for NGOs, administrators, and other nonscientific personnel to enhance their scientific understanding helping them make better contribution in their chosen field of operations.
  • To conduct Certificate courses for working and aspiring personnel for capacity building in various sectors where structured education gap exists.