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3 Month’s Online Course on Ground Penetrating Radar

3 Month’s Online Course on Ground Penetrating Radar

The incorrect and inappropriate use of GPR has over the years caused a great deal of damage to its reputation as a bona fide and reliable technology. The objective of this course on GPR is to make the participants familiar with basic as well advanced data acquisition, data processing and interpretation techniques to derive maximum amount of information from data collected. After completing this course, user should be able to collect the GPR data, carry out basic as well as advanced data processing of data and interpret the results in a range of application areas.

The program will enable the participant to derive maximum information from GPR data and help them design the right GPR investigation program for a particular project requirement. It will also enable them to choose the right combination of antennas for varied geological conditions and resolution requirements. The minimum outcome of the workshop will be:

  1. Learn how to determine whether GPR will be suitable for a particular project objective
  2. Learn how to design GPR survey to get maximum information
  3. Learn how to choose various parameters during data acquisition
  4. Learn how to carry out simple in-field processing of data
  5. Learn how to carry out advanced processing to minimise noise and extract maximum information from GPR data
  6. Learn use and theoretical aspects of various filters, migration, corrections etc.
  7. Learn how to carry out 3D processing of data
  8. Learn to conduct QC checks on GPR data and results obtained through GPR contractors
  9. Application specific training on:
  10. Utility detection and mapping
  11. Concrete inspection (voids, delamination, rebar etc.)
  12. Pavement inspection (thickness of various layers etc.)
  13. Void detection
  14. Archaeology
  15. Any other topic/ application of interest of participants.
  16. Numerous practical tips for effective GPR utilization based on 3 decades of experience.

Introduction to Ground Penetrating Radar Method

  1. EM Waves Propagation
  2. Velocity of EM Waves
  3. Wavelength/ attenuation/ dispersion
  4. Geological Heterogeneity, Anisotropy and scale
  5. Scattering, reflection, refraction and diffraction
  6. Near Field, Far Field, Multi-pathing, interferences

Field Procedure and Approaches for GPR Surveys

  1. Antenna selection, frequency v/s depth
  2. Various Antenna Configurations in various applications
  3. Data acquisition, data handling

Data Processing

  1. High pass, low pass filters
  2. Ormsy bandpass filtering
  3. Notch Filters
  4. AGC, Move Out Correction, Terrain Correction
  5. Migration, energy envelops
  6. Time-depth conversion

3D Processing of GPR Data (GPRSLICE)

Specific case studies & methodology for:

  1. Utility Detection
  2. Concrete inspection
  3. Archaeology
  4. Pavement inspection
  5. Ground water & geology
  6. Cavity Detection

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73 reviews

Satish Bhimrao Chavan

Geological Survey of India

13 August 2020

This training is very good for ongoing developments in the emerging science. So for easy understanding of the hidden surface use of GPR is the key for nondestructive, time and money saving tool. Satish B. Chavan Sr. Geologist

Ravi Shhankkar Subramaniam

Integino Structural Solutions Private Limited

10 August 2020

The Course and the materials provided in the training was very useful and the whole training went on a interactive mode which helped participants to understand the concept very well


Geological Survey of India

10 August 2020

Basic of GPR a dealt nicely. Shuva Shankha Ganguli

Pandurang Balwant

CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

10 August 2020

Dr. Rana is an awesome instructor. I learned a lot from this course. It was very easy to understand and allowed me study from home. I recommend the course to all who are willing to upskill in the GPR" Pandurang Balwant

V Girish Kumar


10 August 2020

The course is systematically scheduled for everyone to understand the course and the daily updates on facebook is good for understanding.

Almelu mangamma Hebsur

08 August 2020

GPR is understood better when learnt from an experienced geophysicist!

Arun Dhoj Adhikari Chhetri

Nepali Army

08 August 2020

It is very good technique that can reduce construction cost. Arun Dhoj Adhikari Chhetri

Prince Kamboj

Alphageo India Ltd

07 August 2020

Extremely recommend this course

Panthapradeep Chakrabarty

Reliance projects property and maintenanace service limited

07 August 2020

The course is very helpful in understanding the concepts on the usage of GPR . With the kind of training imparted , a person working in a field can enhance his knowledge and along with the usage of the device in his own hand can correlate those things as a result will help in honing his skills in the usage of the device in the long run . At the end I must appreciate you sir, for nicely explaining all possible details of the subject.

V Jyothi


07 August 2020

The course is very useful for beginners and professionals. Hope in future also we will be having such type of courses.



07 August 2020

Course was very informative. Hope in future we will be having such type of course work on GPR

Soundarapaandian M


07 August 2020

The course on GPR is is very well explained and the course content is simple and easy tto understand for the newly entered learners like me. it is very impressive the way in which the course instructor taught the course. Thanks a lot sir, --By Soundarapaandian. M.

Manthan Pai


07 August 2020

Very good and knowledgeable course, covered all the topic and my areas of weaknesses

Samit Kumar Choudhuri

Geoconsult India Pvt Ltd

07 August 2020

Presentation and knowledge of presenter Dr Rana cannot be explained in few words. Simple word "Excellent". Being into the construction field for 28 years, what i can say Dr Rana's name comes at top line, whenever we think about GPR or LMS. Congrats Sir.

Shivani Kulshrestha

Not working

06 August 2020

Course was good for those who r already working on the same platform

Kushagra Agrawal

Roter Group

06 August 2020

I being from non geotechnical background had a professional requirement of understanding the basics of GPR as every sales rep should always be aware about what he is selling and to whom. This course has enlightened and roped in confidence to understand the GPR requirement of our customers and help them in opting the best fit solution.

Saifee Mehvee

Hydrogenetics Solution Systems

06 August 2020

Dr Sanjay Rana is highly experienced and professional in the field of Geophysics. His vast knowledge that he shares with simplicity during his courses not only makes it simple to comprehend but even extremely interesting, thereby making the individual desirous to learn every course of Geophysics from AF academy.

Jose Reneirio R. Federizon

Geomaster Corp.

06 August 2020

A must for beginners, enhances knowledge of advanced users.

Prasenjit Das


06 August 2020

This course is excellent and very useful for beginners and professionals who are going to work with GPR.

Gianfranco Taco Juarez

Gianfranco Taco Juarez

06 August 2020

Good Course, the best methodology.

Elavaar Kuzhali

Ramaiah Institute of Technology

06 August 2020

Thank you for a great course and thanks for Excellent Training material and presentation.

Umesh Chandra Bhusal

Explorer Geophysical Consultants Pvt Ltd, Nepal

06 August 2020

Excellent course for those willing to upgrade their knowledge subsurface mapping

Upendra Singh


06 August 2020

A very well designed course on GPR Use, and at the same time nicely explained and presented..

Moncef Bichara

bprojet maroc

06 August 2020

for GPR it was very accurate , in reaching and instructive course

Devesh Kumar Dev


05 August 2020

This course is extremely beneficial for every SUE engineer. Mr. Sanjay Rana is living encyclopedia in context of Geophysical survey and having gifted capability to explain the key knowledge pretty well. Devesh Dev

Niranjan Khess

Geological survey of India

05 August 2020

A good opportunity for getting acquainted and learning about GPR.

Lakshmana Muddineni


05 August 2020

Excellent for persons who are actively involved in GPR surveys

Zolie Henri


05 August 2020

The course what very interesting even for somebody new to GPR. It was a great pleasure taken it. Looking forward for upcoming course especially those related to MASW Henri from Cameroon

Muneeb Rahman

Asian Contec Limited

05 August 2020


Samiur Khan

Saudi Geophysical Consulting office

05 August 2020

Best short time course to boost the area expertise.

Velugula Chandrasekhar Naidu

Ramtech Software solutions pvt ltd

05 August 2020

Dr. Sanjay Rana Sir is an awesome instructor, his teaching level is great. I like the course. very useful for Geophysical students as well as experienced professionals.

Amit Ranjan

Encardio Rite Geosystems LLC

05 August 2020

Thanks to Dr. Sanjay for taking out his valued time and effort which he puts into delivering the knowledge. Thanks again.

Chendhoor B.

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

05 August 2020

Increase in population causes increase in infrastructure. There by increases the use of GPR and Subsurface Utility Mapping.

Sumith Satheendran S

Mahatma Gandhi University

05 August 2020

I am very delighted and feel proud to say that I did my short course on GPR from the AF Academy. The course is topped up with highly eminent and well-qualified faculty and not only expertise in their discipline but also is very approachable. They encourage each student to get engaged in active learning.

Suresh Kannaujiya


05 August 2020

The course covered everything starting from basics to advanced study. This kind of information is worthful for every new researcher working in this field which can turn into a breakthrough development for society and mankind.

Madhusudhan DG


05 August 2020

Course was well thought out and executed, it is really helpful for the beginners to understand the basic working principles & working level proficiency of GPR Madhusudhan D G

Ishika Bhattacharya

Indian Institute Of Technology ,Indian School of Mines

05 August 2020

The course has helped me a lot gaining insight and knowledge about the GPR method. As a geophysics student , it has widened my opportunities. Thank you very much sir. Ishika

Ravi Ranade

Construction Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd

04 August 2020

I was waiting for such informative course for many years. I learnt a lot in a very simplistic manner and many of my doubts got clear from a very knowledgeable teacher & professional like Dr Sanjay Rana ji. A course everyone in GPR should attend

Ramin Rafiei

Memorial University of Newfoundland

04 August 2020

It was a very informative training course that covered most aspects of GPR and the instructor has a good knowledge of the topics as well as conveys it well.

Upadhyay Mrunal Alpeshkumar


04 August 2020

The course is very well planned and organised the instructor Dr. Sanjay Rana sir gave very good understanding about the GPR and it is very much interactive for me . Its been great experience to learn under him. Thanks to all the team and co participants..

Dr. B. Janaki Ramaiah

Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati

04 August 2020

This GPR course is a must one for civil engineer in general. Has huge potential given the rapid urbanization and need for non-destructive evaluation of subsurface features. I will recommend this course an elective course at my institute IIT Tirupati.

Dr. Sakram Gugulothu

CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad-India

04 August 2020

GPR Processing and GIS Field data collection

Sanjeev Kumar Tyagi


04 August 2020

A Nice Practical Approach

Ravi Yadav

Archaeological Survey Of India

04 August 2020

Ravi Yadav, Assistant Archaeologist

Khaleel Alluboori

British University of Bahrain

04 August 2020

Very useful and informative

Ajit Kumar Roy

Excel Geomatics Pvt Ltd

04 August 2020

This short course on GPR is very useful for the beginners as well as Experience holders.

Mayur Mitkari

CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

04 August 2020

The GPR course is very good for those who work in geophysicist and civil engineering.

Ravishhankkar Subramaniam


04 August 2020

This course had opened up a new idea for our business being a consultant.

Prince Kumar

Alborz Technical Services LLC

04 August 2020

Its good to operate GPR equipment

G Venkateswar

Vax Consultants Private Limited

04 August 2020

My name is G.Venkateswar Regarding the course its awesome and very nice platform to learn all the new things and new courses which were explained by Mr Sanjay Rana sir, we will be in touch with u for the future endevours. Special thanks to Sanjay Rana sir.

Ali Nihad Nashwan

University of Bahrain

04 August 2020

It was a very helpful and feasible course. The instructor was knowledgeable and expert in this field. I recommend this course to every beginner and intermediate GPR user