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Online Certification Program on Subsurface Utility Engineering - All 3 Levels

Online Certification Program on Subsurface Utility Engineering - All 3 Levels

Approved by: Engineering Council of India

36 CPD Hours


Having accurate knowledge of subsurface/ underground/ buried utilities (pipes/ cables/ drains etc.) is critical for any infrastructure project. The successful detection and mapping of buried utilities involves the combination of several techniques, the results of which are synthesized down to a single interpreted plot. The techniques and methodologies used will primarily depend upon the required outcome for the survey, the site conditions and the type of pipes or cables being targeted.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is an upcoming field dealing with procedure and standards for detection and mapping of underground utilities. The workshop comprehensively covers all the aspects related to conducting a successful underground utility detection and mapping project. The workshop also serves as certification program of three levels (trade skill certificate level 1, 2 & 3) leading to certification as ‘SUE Engineer’ with a unique seal to certify utility drawings.

Title of SUE Engineer is granted upon acquiring the necessary professional skills in Subsurface Utility Engineering field through SUE Engineer training program. The program comprises of three levels of training and respective level- end tests conducted by IndSTT followed by the certification and grant of SUE Engineer Seal with distinct serial number for each qualified and certified SUE Engineer. SUE Engineer can function in five different roles:

  1. Project Owner’s Engineer/Advisor
  2. Service Provider’s Engineer/Advisor
  3. Right of Way Owner’s Engineer/Advisor
  4. Third Party Consultant
  5. Expert Witness

Certification Process

There is an acute shortage of qualified professionals to supervise the entire process of subsurface utility engineering. This program is an effort to cater to this need and certify eligible personnel as Subsurface Utility Engineer authorised to stamp and sign final SUE drawings. The process of certification leading to Subsurface Utility Engineer will be as under:

  1. Level-1 Certification: SUE Workshop
  2. Level-2 Certification: Advanced Workshop on GPR, EPL and other designation techniques
  3. Level-3 Certification: Advanced Workshop on utilities networks, drawings, standards and drawing certification.

After completing above 3 levels, one will become eligible to be certified as subsurface utility engineer, and will be issued a numbered stamp also to be used for drawing certification.

  1. Level 1Introduction to Subsurface Utility Engineering
  2. Quality Level D and C
  3. Quality Level B - Ground Penetrating Radar
  4. Quality Level B - Ground Penetrating Radar - Data Processing
  5. Quality Level B - Induction Locator, Acoustic Detection Etc.
  6. Quality Level A and Drawing Preparation
  7. Level 2GPR Processing Part 1
  8. GPR Processing Part 2
  9. Induction Locator
  10. Level 3Guide to Utility Surveys
  11. Code for Drwarings - Utility Colors
  12. Utility Investigation Best Practices
  13. Certification Assessments