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3 day’s Online Course Learn Advanced GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Data Processing

3 day’s Online Course Learn Advanced GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Data Processing

This will help professionals, engineers and geo-scientists dealing with shallow sub-surface investigation. The program is designed for new as well as experienced users of GPR equipment. The program will also help project owners hiring services of GPR surveys, enabling them understand capabilities and limitations of the method and derive maximum return on their investment on a GPR survey. The program is useful for individuals, organizations and professionals from following fields:

  1. Water, electrical, telecom, gas and other utility companies
  2. Construction/ Infrastructure organizations
  3. Trenchless companies
  4. Environment consultants/ contractors
  5. Army, Police, Para-Military forces and other law enforcement/ investigation agencies
  6. Concrete inspection agencies/ consultants/ contractors
  7. Road inspection authorities, vigilance officials
  8. Archaeological survey organizations
  9. Geologists, Hydro-geologists, Geophysicists and Civil Engineers
  10. Existing GPR users
  11. Fresh geophysicists/ engineers planning to pursue career in the field of GPR

Course Structure

  1. Day-1: Introduction to Ground Penetrating Radar (Basic)
  2. Day-2: 2D Data Processing (Advanced)
  3. Dau-3: 3D Data Processing (Advanced)

Do you face any of the following challenges?

  1. Inability to choose right data acquisition parameters
  2. Not able to see data up to desired depth
  3. Not able to understand function of various processing steps
  4. Unable to get best results out of acquired data
  5. Confused about line spacing, grid spacing, scan spacing etc.
  6. Not able to process the data in 3D

This workshop addresses all the above and more….

  1. Detailed insight into data acquisition parameters- meaning and rules for settings
  2. Detailed discussion & guidance on how to acquire best possible data in difficult ground conditions
  3. Detailed discussion and practical demonstration of various processing steps
  4. Tips on how to get best results from acquired data
  5. Detailed discussion and rules of choosing line spacing, grid spacing, scan spacing etc.
  6. Dedicated sessions on 3D data processing using GPR-Slice (real data…real live processing)

Course Price

₹750.00 / $15.00