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Self Study Course in Subsurface Utility Engineering - All 3 Levels

Self Study Course in Subsurface Utility Engineering - All 3 Levels

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of subsurface utility engineering including tools like GPR, EPL etc., with detailed description of data processing

This is the only course which takes the learner through basics of SUE, data collection procedures for QL-D and C, detailed procedure for QL-B data collection using Ground Penetrating Radar, Induction Locator, Acoustic Locators etc., QL-A procedures including vacuum excavation, instructions on drawing preparation etc.

Here are USP of this course:

  1. Course designed by industry experts having more than 25 years of experience
  2. Complete course delivered through videos, along with reading material
  3. Detailed training on data processing using live software
  4. More than 5 hours of video and more than 700 pages of optional reading material
  5. Liberty to complete the course at your own pace- 02 days or 02 years- choice is yours
  6. Option of getting further certification from Engineering Council of India
  1. Level 1Introduction to Subsurface Utility Engineering
  2. Quality Level D and C
  3. Quality Level B - Ground Penetrating Radar
  4. Quality Level B - Ground Penetrating Radar - Data Processing
  5. Quality Level B - Induction Locator, Acoustic Detection Etc.
  6. Quality Level A and Drawing Preparation
  7. Level 2GPR Processing Part 1
  8. GPR Processing Part 2
  9. Induction Locator
  10. Level 3Guide to Utility Surveys
  11. Code for Drwarings - Utility Colors
  12. Utility Investigation Best Practices
  13. Certification Assessments